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make the windows magnetic
« on: 14 Apr '19 - 09:05 »

is there any possible to make the windows magnetic,
like by winamp to move the whole windowgroup with one mouse
it is glue to the other windows like headwindow, playlist and so on..
for move the whole to side with grap the headwindows,
maybe making it magnetic by selecting a checkbox in

Apperatance =>
under [Info Bubbles]
[Magnetic Player]--------------------------------------
[X]Make the windows of the Player magnetic :  [  3] Pixels Distance 0-50 px
[X]make the Player Magnetic , clue to the Edge [___top[^]pulld.(left/top/bottom/right)
[  ]Autohide [  3]Secounds / [  ] Autohide by lost the Focus

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Re: make the windows magnetic
« Reply #1 on: 14 Apr '19 - 19:44 »
XMPlay will automatically snap to the edges of the desktop.  If you check Appearance -> Move with main window, you can position the playlist window next to the main window and then move both simply by dragging the main window. Is that close enough to what you want to achieve?