Author Topic: Bug with skin [again]  (Read 584 times)


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Bug with skin [again]
« on: 12 Jun '19 - 08:47 »

Everytime there is a new release the same issue with the Royale Vista skin:
XMPLay closes without notice when launching a playlist with more than 1 song and the playlist is being shown.
Any fix please? (I don't remember what we did when it happened the last time)

Ian @ un4seen

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Re: Bug with skin [again]
« Reply #1 on: 12 Jun '19 - 12:04 »
Please first try this latest build:

If the problems still happen with that then please generate and upload a dump file for it (with that updated EXE). You can generate a dump file using the ProcDump tool. For example, run "procdump -e -ma -x . xmplay.exe". Then ZIP and upload the generated dump file to have a look at here:


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Re: Bug with skin [again]
« Reply #2 on: 12 Jun '19 - 19:28 »
It is fine with this build you posted