Author Topic: BASS_CONFIG_NET_READTIMEOUT: what happens with the stream after timeout?  (Read 245 times)


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The doc says:
BASS_CONFIG_NET_READTIMEOUT   The time to wait for a server to deliver more data for an internet stream.
When the timeout is hit, the connection with the server will be closed. The default setting is 0, no timeout.

..but after closing the connection, what happens to the stream? Is it freed as well?

(I want the program to automatically free the stream and try another URL if this one times out).
Or is there an event triggered that I can use to manually free the stream?

Ian @ un4seen

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When the connection closes, a BASS_SYNC_DOWNLOAD sync will be triggered, and when playback finishes (which may be later if there's buffered data), a BASS_SYNC_END sync will be triggered. The stream will then be freed automatically only if it has the BASS_STREAM_AUTOFREE flag set.