Author Topic: xmplay using winamp plugin in_usf crashes program when changing settings  (Read 1103 times)


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I wanna change song default length setting from 180 sec to for example 320 sec. But when I do, xmplay crashes. If I do the same thing in winamp, it's okay.
It doesn't seem the setting is stored in the in_usf.ini so I don't know where it's saved. I tried changing this without any usf songs in the play list and simply navigating to the in_usf plugin and set settings.

P1: xmplay.exe
P3: 5d260365
P4: in_usf.dll
P6: 460e0c0e
P7: c000041d
P8: 000571d4

Ian @ un4seen

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The problem appears to be that the in_usf plugin expects the IPC_GETINIDIRECTORY Winamp message to be supported, which XMPlay doesn't currently do. The reason it isn't supported is that it returns an ANSI string, which won't work if XMPlay's installation path contains non-ANSI characters. But here's an update that does support IPC_GETINIDIRECTORY when the path doesn't contain non-ANSI characters:


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yes this fixed the problem!
thank you very much! :D