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XMPlay Adblock Radio Add-on
« on: 26 Sep '19 - 14:23 »
Good day,

I love the XMPlay player. I use it on a daily bases, streaming online radio and music. I stumbled onto this today as I was browsing the web

I was just wondering if there is potential for this to be implemented as an add-on for the XMPlay player.

Many thanks and regards,

Ian @ un4seen

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Re: XMPlay Adblock Radio Add-on
« Reply #1 on: 27 Sep '19 - 17:02 »
I'm not sure how that would work with live streams. It isn't possible to fast forward in them, so would it just play silence when an ad is detected? It might be more useful for recording live streams though. It could possibly be implemented in an XMPlay DSP plugin for that (the plugin would receive all sound and only write the non-ad parts).