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Hello, everyone.
I'm sorry, but I wanted to ask you a question.

which is the latest version of xmplay, or ?

for the moment I'm using the but several sites tell me that the latest version of the program is the

I can not understand

on the home page of xmplay the latest version that I can download is the

please, you can give me an answer ?

Thank you!


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Re: Xmplay latest version or ?
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the latest one i have is i believe the 4 is actually 04 not 4 as in 40. and the fact i have an xmplay which is dated 2018, but .26 is dated 10/01/2019
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Re: Xmplay latest version or ?
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The latest development version of XMPlay's "xmplay.exe" file is the one posted at , which is currrenty  These include fixes and changes since the posted "release" version from the "official" download link (  The release package also includes several plugins and an "xmplay.txt" readme.  Eventually, that package will be updated also.

I always use the latest development version, and get the plugins I need from the XMPlay plugins page (
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