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BassMix/PushStream weird behaviour
« on: 2 Dec '19 - 03:39 »
Hi !

I am developing an audio processing application and using BASS for audio data handling.

I have create a normal stream decoding an opus file.
On top of that i put a mixer stream to change the sample rate.

This is fed into an Opus Encoder to write out the file.

This works perfectly.

Now i have created a push stream that is plugged into the opus encoder.

If i feed the original input stream ( via GetChannelData/StreamPutData) into this pushstream
everything is ok.

Let me show that in graph form: OpusInput -> PushStream -> Encoder = OK

If i change that to:
OpusInput -> MixerStream -> PushStream -> Encoder =

I get very weird behaviour, in that the resulting file contains about double the original data, with only noise in the first half, and then the correct data at the end ...

Anybody has a clue what might be wrong ?

Flags used:

FloatDsp is enabled

OpusInput: Float | Mono | SoftwareMixing | Decode
MixerStream: Float | MixerEnd | Decode
PushStream: Float | Decode


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Re: BassMix/PushStream weird behaviour
« Reply #1 on: 2 Dec '19 - 03:41 »
Also the sequence

OpusInput -> MixerStream -> Encoder works OK

Ian @ un4seen

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Re: BassMix/PushStream weird behaviour
« Reply #2 on: 2 Dec '19 - 16:21 »
That sounds like the MixerStream and PushStream streams may have differing sample formats. Please post all of the calls involved, including parameter values.