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« on: 19 Jun '03 - 17:59 »

Anyone got some latency related information using Bass?

At the moment I'm testing a bit using VB and things are getting a bit slow (i.e. changing the position of a playing Channel (BASS_ChannelSetPosition) takes about half a second on a P4 2GHz machine with SB Live card).

I'm pretty sure this is a VB-issue, but maybe someone can tell me the facts...



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Re: Latency
« Reply #1 on: 20 Jun '03 - 14:48 »
Not sure on the numbers....but i'm using VB and have no problems.... i have the start of an editor with waveform..and I can scrubb back and fore through a file really quickly without a problem.


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Re: Latency
« Reply #2 on: 22 Jun '03 - 13:38 »
Thanx for replying. I've done some recoding and everything works fine now.

Still got some timing problems when playing a stream, updating some info on the stream and at the same time showing the waveform (all done in realtime of course). Have to work on that one.