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XMPlay Discord Status Plugin
« on: 4 Aug '20 - 07:11 »
I wrote an XMPlay plugin that sets your "Now Playing" status in Discord to the current track that you're listening to.

I originally based my plugin off the code from xmp-discordrichpres by Cynosphere but realized there was a lot of work to do, so the majority of it was rewritten from scratch.

    - Three status timer modes (Remaining/Elapsed/Disabled)
    - Automatically detects track seek/pause/stop
    - Show/Hide album date in status
    - Show/Hide XMPlay version in icon alt text

You can download the plugin from here:
And I have the code mirrored over on Github here:

Feel free to try it out and tell me any bugs you find!
If you have any suggestions for future updates, feel free to let me know!


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Re: XMPlay Discord Status Plugin
« Reply #1 on: 5 Aug '20 - 17:29 »
Nice work. It has now been added to the XMPlay webpage and support site.

I notice the VC++ 2013 runtime (MSVCR120.DLL) is required. It may be possible to avoid the user needing to have that installed by linking with the MSVCRT files from the Windows Driver Kit. If you would like to try that, the Vista WDK files are available here:

Place the i386/msvcrt.lib file in your project's folder and add i386/msvcrt_winxp.obj or i386/msvcrt_win2000.obj to the linker "Additional Dependencies" option.


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Re: XMPlay Discord Status Plugin
« Reply #2 on: 6 Aug '20 - 04:05 »
Good catch on the runtime thing, and thanks for the files! I think I've got the linking fixed now.