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Playlist filepath problems
« on: 30 Aug '20 - 14:09 »

I found a couple of issues while trying to prepare playlists for VLC on Android and my Rockboxed Sansa player.

Issue #1
I noticed that when you save a M3U or PLS, all the filepaths are using backslashes (naturally, since this is the default on Windows). However, many other players and devices such as VLC on Android or Rockbox can't read these filepaths - they work fine when you replace all \ with /. The funny thing is that XMPlay reads playlists with forward slashes just fine and VLC for Windows/Linux also doesn't care. Because of better compatibility, I would like to propose an option to use forward slashes while saving playlists.

Issue #2
Assuming you have a directory structure like this:

Code: [Select]
+ Music
   + Playlists
      - test.m3u
   + SomeArtist
      - SomeFile.mp3

When saving a relative playlist to "test.m3u" that only contains "SomeFile.mp3", the path looks like this:
Code: [Select]
although it should be relative to the playlist file:
Code: [Select]
Even when switching backslashes to forward slashes, other players can't find the files like this. Using ..\ it works, though. Is there a specific reason for the current behaviour?
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Ian @ un4seen

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Re: Playlist filepath problems
« Reply #1 on: 31 Aug '20 - 16:40 »
Here's an update with relative paths that use ".." and a "forward slashes" option for you to try:

Was actually planning to release XMPlay 3.8.5 very soon, so please give the playlist saving a good test and let me know if you find any problems as soon as you can :)


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Re: Playlist filepath problems
« Reply #2 on: 31 Aug '20 - 17:04 »
Fantastic, thank you! :D
A first test was successful, but I'll try it thoroughly tonight, both on my phone and Rockbox. This makes stuff so much easier! <3

I've tried loading the "new" playlists on VLC for Windows, Linux and Android, my Rockbox player (Sansa Clip Zip), Linux Mint default movie player "celluloid" and my favourite Linux music player "Exaile". They all successfully loaded the playlist! ;D

Thank you very much, these changes finally allow me to create playlists and just copy them everywhere, instead of having to edit every single one of them first!

[Edit 2]
Ok, found a little issue with Rockbox, but I can live with that: Rockbox prefers the format to be UTF-8-BOM with LF line endings (.m3u8), otherwise it won't load files with exotic characters, e.g. cyrillic. Rockbox doesn't support PLS and EXTM3U doesn't make a difference, but I think it's actually the byte order mark.

[Edit 3]
I found out that Rockbox is completely happy with XMPlays .m3u files, if I just rename them to .m3u8 - no BOM or line ending conversion necessary!  ??? ;D
Ian, could you possibly adjust the M3U save dialog filter to show .m3u8 files, too? That'd make things even more comfortable. :)

As always, thanks for your effort!
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Re: Playlist filepath problems
« Reply #3 on: 1 Sep '20 - 16:07 »
Thanks for the prompt testing. The .m3u8 extension has been added to the file selector's "M3U playlist files" filter (and the "Associated filetypes" options list) for the 3.8.5 release, which is up on the XMPlay page now!