Author Topic: Weird noise in playback, like triangle(?) wave / bad resampling  (Read 1472 times)


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I only noticed it today, and not in all music files (including AAC/M4A, MP3 and FLAC), even though some are quiet enough that I would hear it if it was there. No idea why it would suddenly do such a weird thing.

Listen to samples: two pieces, first played in MPC-HC, then XMPlay with the ugly noise in it that sounds like a square/triangle wave or some ancient downsample or something, but I checked the output settings I could find and they seem OK. Dunno.

Could this possibly have anything to do with BASSMIDI/Munt intefering somehow?

UPDATE: It occurs only if I select Microsoft Sound Mapper, not with Direct Sound. Buy why? I haven't changed that setting.
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That does sound like it could be a resampling issue somewhere. What Windows version are you using? If Vista or above, try setting XMPlay's sample rate in the "Output" options page to the same as set in Windows' Sound control panel, and enable the "Apply sample rate to all file formats" option (to enable XMPlay's resampling) and set the "SRC quality" slider to the max position. If you're using an older Windows version, try the same except set the sample rate to the soundcard's native rate (try them all if unsure).


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Thank you. It was the apply-to-all-file-formats that did it. (Sample rate and such was already set as in Windows, and changing it didn't affect the audio distortion.)
I couldn't make the connection since it didn't seem to show a clear pattern of affecting only specific file formats. And disabling the setting has no effect with Direct Sound output.
(And I was really tired, thus didn't experiment much. - I have to say, though, the fact that XMPlay immediately applies settings to playback once you hit the button, without having to restart it, is very convenient.)