Author Topic: Better handeling of tracker and midi sampling rates  (Read 1349 times)


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Hello, I don't know if this would be possible so ignore it if it isn't.
XM play handles upsampling quite poorly in general but setting it up to output bit perfect and letting hardware in dac do it's thing works great, unfortunately sampling rate of sound fonts and trackers doesn't appear to be detected at all and it doesn't sound very good, if you know the sampling rate of sound font or tracker (usually 44.1 for trackers and 48 for sound fonts) and set it manually in output settings it resolves the issue, but it's nevertheless annoying. I don't expect that small team for freeware software would be able to build a suite of software digital filters to rival the likes of HQplayer, but some way of detecting and automatically setting the correct output sampling rate for midi and tracker based music when player is configured to run in wasapi exclusive or asio mode would be greatly appreciated. 


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Re: Better handeling of tracker and midi sampling rates
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Neither sound fonts nor tracker music have an intrinsic sample rate. What you are asking for is impossible. Yes, a soundfont or tracker module may contain samples which were sampled at 44 or 48 kHz. But those samples practically never played at this sample rate. Every time a note different from middle-C is played, the sample rate is increased or decreased. There is no way to play modules "bit-perfect". Most importantly, tracker music is typically composed in software with relatively low-quality resampling filters, so if XMPlay used a considerably higher-quality resampling filter than those trackers, the music would sound wrong (not like the musician intended it to sound) because more often than note the aliasing noise introduced by those lower-quality resampling algorithms is part of the intended sound (e.g. most frequently in chiptunes).