Author Topic: Playing a file (mp3) while is writing by lame  (Read 178 times)


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Hi guys,

I code a recorder to mix different sourcers like microfone voice, audio files, etc, and write this
in a mp3file using lame.

My goal is that this final mp3 file be available to be played (from the beging) while this final mp3 is
writing by lame.

Is this possible? Any other way?

The player must be a general windows media, winamp, etc.


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Re: Playing a file (mp3) while is writing by lame
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It should be possible to play an MP3 file while it's still being recorded/encoded, but it may depend on what sharing mode the player requests when opening the file. If you would like to quickly check with some particular players, you could use the pre-compiled RECTEST.EXE example included in the BASSenc package (C\BIN folder) to generate the MP3 file.