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Keltic Danor

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New Skin: Escape v1.0
« on: 29 Jan '22 - 16:23 »
Hi all,

It's that time again and this time I tried a different approach to the whole skinning process and it worked out pretty well albeit perhaps a little large. This one features three themes with each having a unique layout as well. There is also a compact version of each theme that trims off a little bit of space.

Preview (Layouts)

Changelog (1.0)

  • Initial Release


For the more adventurous, there are actually masks to enable the spectrum display on the compact modes, it requires unzipping the archive and moving the mask from a sub folder called _level. I didn't particularly like the look of it so I took it out by default.


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Re: New Skin: Escape v1.0
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Very very beautiful