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Recent Support Site Updates
« on: 7 Apr '23 - 10:55 »
Hey guys,

This is for the strange people that don't visit the support site on a daily basis as intended, so if you haven't checked it out in a while here is whats new!

Some great general plugins from Bauxite69 with another one on the way! :o

Flashira Nakirov has been pulling out all the stops on some new skins, some beautiful work to check out.

As well as a couple of plugins I found in my adventures and a tweak to Cover Art
  • ADT2Plug v2.4.24 Input Plugin by Daniel Illgen (insane/Altair) *Seems to play .a2m and other files better than Adplug*
  • FFSoX v0.6.3 Input Plugin by Peter Belkner *Kind of just for reference but if it works for you super!*
  • Cover Art (revision 9b) Visual Plugin by Bernhard Schelling

And more on the way!