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I'm getting wrong Number of recording devices when calling BASS_RecordGetDeviceCount.. According to my Knowledge both recording and play Back devices shows.. Eny one has encounder the issue? If I replace ole .Net Dll and upporting DLLs, every thing works..

Any Suggestions?

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Re: BASS_RecordGetDeviceCount Return Wrong Count
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When you say BASS_RecordGetDeviceCount returns the wrong count, do you mean it doesn't match the number of devices returned by BASS_RecordGetDeviceInfos? Or is it that there seem to be playback devices included? If the latter, those are "loopback" recording devices, which can be identified by having the BASS_DEVICE_LOOPBACK flag set. If you don't want loopback devices to be included, you can disable them via the BASS_CONFIG_REC_LOOPBACK option:

Code: [Select]
BASS.SetConfig(BASSConfig.BASS_CONFIG_REC_LOOPBACK, 0); // disable loopback devices

Note that needs to be done before any devices have been enumerated/initialized.