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Strange random play behaviour
« on: 24 Nov '04 - 19:24 »
I can't understand one thing.  When the song finishes program "jumps" to a random track in the playlist if random play is active. However when i try to change track manualy it plays the next track in the playlist instead of playing a random track. Is this a bug or i missed something? ???

BTW. When song changes to random (let's say from 2586 to 1284) the playlist stays where it was instead of making a jump to that track to. It's not wery comfortable  :-\


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Re:Strange random play behaviour
« Reply #1 on: 24 Nov '04 - 20:03 »
Quite often asked questions, I think all answers are in the manual.

Next/Prev song buttons always move it up/down on the playlist directly.
Right click Play/Pause button for a random track.
(Right-clicking does some neat extra shiznit all over the program, give it a go!)

And the extended playlist is designed for playlist managing, aka moving songs around, it would be uncomfortable for it to suddenly move somewhere else while you're sorting songs or something.
When the 'Follow current track in list' is checked in the options, the small playlist (in a draggable tab in the main window when not in minimode) follows the song around.


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Re:Strange random play behaviour
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Also, you can manually jump to currently playing song in the big playlist, by pressing Ctrl+up/down arrow (default setting).
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