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John L

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nBass Streaming to Winamp
« on: 18 Dec '02 - 19:17 »
First, let me say that nBass kicks ass.
"nBass kicks ass!"

I would like to convert my current broadcasting system , which is some of my own VB.NET code + a shoutcast server, to nBass objects.

I looked at the help file for nBass, and played around with the sample code. I can successfully play songs (mp3's)through my sound card using nBass. It's way cool.

I'm not sure about a few things, and maybe i missed a readme somewhere..

1. Can winamp play streams created by nBass?
2. If so, do I use the nBASS.Stream object?
3. If not, do I need a nBass enabled client?
4. Must I stream to a shoutcast/icecast server

Anyone have some sample code, or point me at some documentation?

Thanks in advance!