Effects options

This is where you can choose how 2MIDI will handle the MOD effects during conversion, allowing you to take advantage of any additional features of the MIDI device/player, for example reverb/chorus/etc... The effects that 2MIDI will process are listed on the left, together with information on how they are to be processed. The effects that are used in the currently loaded MOD are bright red (white if selected), the unused effects are dark red (grey if selected). If you right click on an effect, a little description of it and the number of times it is used in the current MOD is displayed.

This sets the effect list to display the XM / MTM / MOD format effects.

This sets the effect list to display the IT / S3M format effects.

If this is enabled then the selected effect will not be processed by 2MIDI.

This option tells 2MIDI to process the effect as it would normally be processed by a player. If the effect is a custom effect (eg. Zxx) then it will just be ignored, as there is no standard way to process it.

This option tells 2MIDI to translate the MOD effect to a MIDI controller. Enter the controller number in the CON/MET box.

This option tells 2MIDI to translate the MOD effect to a psuedo-global MIDI controller. There are no such things as global MIDI controllers, but this option allows you to mimic such a thing by translating all occurences of the MOD effect into the same MIDI channel. Use the GLOBAL [CHANNEL OPTIONS] setting to choose the global channel.

This option tells 2MIDI to translate the MOD effect to a MIDI meta event.

This option tells 2MIDI to use the MOD effect as a priority effect. See the prioritization section for further information.

When translating an effect to a MIDI controller or meta event, you enter the controller/meta event number here. You should be aware that many controllers and meta events are already used for other things.

This tells 2MIDI how much to scale the MOD effect value by when translating it to a MIDI controller/meta event. 2MIDI allows MIDI controller/meta event values of up to 255, but some MIDI players may have strange results when the values go above 127. The highest possible value for an 8 bit effect (effects listed with xx are 8 bit, eg. Axx) is 255, for a 4 bit effect (effects listed with a single x are 4 bit, eg. E1x) the highest value is 15.

K / C / N
These flags are used to define some attributes of the effect, which tells 2MIDI how to process the effect when it is translated to a MIDI controller or meta event. See below for details.

Use this to remove an effect from the list of effects to be processed by 2MIDI. To avoid any major accidents, 2MIDI only allows you to remove custom effects that you have previously added, you can not remove the standard MOD effects. If you want 2MIDI to ignore a standard effect, then use the FILTER option on it.

This is where you can add new MOD effects for 2MIDI to process during conversion. Enter the new effect in the EFFECT box, and then press the ADD button. You can also optionally enter a short description of the effect in the box above. You can add 8 bit (1 character) and 4 bit (2 characters) effects. 4 bit effects are processed before 8 bit effects, so for example you could have different processing for Z0x and Zxx.

The K / C / N attribute flags tell 2MIDI how to process an effect that is to be translated to a MIDI controler or meta event. Any combination of these flags may be used.

K ... KEEP
The KEEP attribute tells 2MIDI to keep the effect's last used non-zero value. The stored value is then used in place of any subsequent 00 values.

C#4 1 Z1010 is stored
--- - Z0010 is retrieved and used inplace of 00

This tells 2MIDI that the effect is continuous, the effect's value stays the same until changed. Continuous effects are optimizeable, duplicate values are removed. A good example of a continuous effect would be a reverb effect, if you switched it on, it would stay on until it was switched off. If the reverb is already on, switching it on again would have no effect, so it can be ignored.

C#4 1 Z10Z10 is processed
--- - Z10Z10 is ignored as the current value is already 10

N ... NOTE
The NOTE attribute tells 2MIDI that the effect can only be used with a note on event.

C#4 1 Z10Z10 is processed
--- - Z10Z10 is ignored as it is not used with a note on