TAG_BEXT structure

BWF "bext" tag structure.

typedef struct {
    char Description[256];
    char Originator[32];
    char OriginatorReference[32];
    char OriginationDate[10];
    char OriginationTime[8];
    QWORD TimeReference;
    WORD Version;
    BYTE UMID[64];
    BYTE Reserved[190];
    char CodingHistory[];


DescriptionA free description of the sequence. To help applications which only display a short description, it is recommended that a summary of the description is contained in the first 64 characters, and the last 192 characters are used for details.
OriginatorThe name of the originator/producer of the audio file.
OriginatorReferenceA non ambiguous reference allocated by the originating organization.
OriginationDateThe date of creation of the audio sequence, in the form of "yyyy-mm-dd" (year-month-day).
OriginationTimeThe time of creation of the audio sequence, in the form of "hh-mm-ss" (hours-minutes-seconds).
TimeReferenceThe timecode of the sequence. The first sample count since midnight.
VersionThe BWF version.
UMID64 bytes containing a UMID (Unique Material Identifier) to the SPMTE 330M standard. If only a 32 byte "basic UMID" is used, the last 32 bytes should be set to zero.
ReservedReserved for extensions.
CodingHistoryA series of CR/LF terminated strings, each containing a description of a coding process applied to the audio data.


The structure is given by BASS_ChannelGetTags as it is in the RIFF file, which is little-endian, so the TimeReference and Version members will need to be reversed on big-endian platforms. The UMID member is only available with BWF version 1 (and above).

See the BWF specification for further details.

See also

BASS_ChannelGetTags, TAG_CART structure