TAG_CART structure

BWF "cart" tag structure.

typedef struct {
    char Version[4];
    char Title[64];
    char Artist[64];
    char CutID[64];
    char ClientID[64];
    char Category[64];
    char Classification[64];
    char OutCue[64];
    char StartDate[10];
    char StartTime[8];
    char EndDate[10];
    char EndTime[8];
    char ProducerAppID[64];
    char ProducerAppVersion[64];
    char UserDef[64];
    DWORD dwLevelReference;
    TAG_CART_TIMER PostTimer[8];
    char Reserved[276];
    char URL[1024];
    char TagText[];


VersionVersion of the data structure.
TitleTitle of cart audio sequence.
ArtistArtist or creator name.
CutIDCut number identification.
ClientIDClient identification.
CategoryCategory ID, PSA, NEWS, etc.
ClassificationClassification or auxiliary key.
OutCueOut cue text.
StartDateStart date, in the form of "yyyy-mm-dd" (year-month-day).
StartTimeStart time, in the form of "hh-mm-ss" (hours-minutes-seconds).
EndDateEnd date, in the form of "yyyy-mm-dd" (year-month-day).
EndTimeEnd time, in the form of "hh-mm-ss" (hours-minutes-seconds).
ProducerAppIDName of vendor or application.
ProducerAppVersionVersion of producer application.
UserDefUser defined text.
dwLevelReferenceSample value for 0 dB reference.
PostTimer8 time markers after head.
ReservedReserved for extensions.
URLUniform resource locator.
TagTextFree form text for scripts or tags.


The structure is given by BASS_ChannelGetTags as it is in the RIFF file, which is little-endian, so the dwLevelReference and PostTimer members will need to be reversed on big-endian platforms.

See the "CartChunk" specification for further details.

See also

BASS_ChannelGetTags, TAG_BEXT structure, TAG_CART_TIMER structure