Maximum amount of data to asynchronously buffer at a time from a splitter's source.

    HSTREAM handle,
    float period


handleThe splitter stream handle.
periodThe maximum amount to data to asynchronously buffer at a time from the source, in seconds... 0 = as much as possible.


When asynchronous buffering is enabled via the BASS_ATTRIB_SPLIT_ASYNCBUFFER attribute, this attribute limits how much data is requested from the source at a time. When there is more space available in the buffer, the request will be repeated until the space is filled.

The setting applies to all splitter streams that have the same source. The default setting is 0 (as much as possible). Changes take immediate effect.

See also

BASS_Split_StreamCreate, BASS_Split_StreamGetAvailable, BASS_ATTRIB_SPLIT_ASYNCBUFFER

BASS_ChannelGetAttribute, BASS_ChannelSetAttribute