Using PlayMID

PlayMID is a software MIDI player that uses WAV samples for patches. The patch information is stored in a file called playmid.cfg, which is created by 2MIDI when exporting samples as WAVs. A playmid.cfg file must be in the current directory when running PlayMID. You should use the following settings to create a MIDI file for playback with PlayMID. All these settings (apart from the drum channel) are already made in the default.cfg file.

Set the sample format [SAMPLE OPTIONS]
As PlayMID uses WAV samples, you should set the sample format to WAV. You should then press the RESET button to reset the patch numbers. You should also enable bi-directional loop rendering by making sure the BIDI switch is lit. The sample KEY should be set to C5.

Process instrument information [SAMPLE OPTIONS]
The VOL / PAN / FREQ switches should be on for all samples, so that any volume/pan envelopes, fadeouts and vibratos are translated in the MIDI file.

Set the MIDI options [MIDI OPTIONS]
PlayMID uses a logarithmic volume scale, the volume curve LOG setting should be set to 0.50. Because PlayMID uses WAV samples there is no fade-out information, so you can switch OFF the KILL EVENT option. All the other MIDI options can be set to whatever you want without affecting PlayMID.

Turn off the drum channel [CHANNEL OPTIONS]
If you are not converting any samples to the drum channel, then it makes sense to set the DRUM CHANNEL to off otherwise you would be wasting a channel. This only applies when using PlayMID, other MIDI players/devices may permanently set aside a drum channel (usually channel 10).