New stuff since 1.3

Loop markers
"loopStart" and "loopEnd" markers are added to looped files.

DEP compatibility
It is no longer necessary to disable DEP (Data Execution Prevention) for 2MIDI in Windows.

New stuff since 1.2

IT / S3M / MTM file format support [FILE OPTIONS]
As well as XM / MOD files, IT / S3M / MTM files can now be converted to MIDI.

BASS.DLL updated from 0.6 to 2.0
MOD and sample playback now works properly on Windows 2K/XP systems.

Chopped notes warning [CONVERT OPTIONS]
The number of times the length of a note is chopped due to another note of higher priority is shown.

New stuff since 1.1

Custom keyboard shortcuts [THE GUI]
Registered users can assign any keyboard shortcut to any button or switch, allowing the 2MIDI interface to be personalized for maximum speed and ease of use. Unregistered users can also create shortcuts, but they will not be kept the next time 2MIDI is loaded.

Reject & warning details [CONVERT DETAILS]
Any samples that have notes rejected due to a lack of available channels, or have warnings due to the duplicate drum note problem, are listed to help you find (and hopefully fix) the problems.

Minimum note gap [MIDI OPTIONS]
You can set a minimum time gap between one note ending and another starting on the same channel. This is useful if a MIDI player/device is not as responsive as it could/should be.

Auto MIDI & sample writing [FILE OPTIONS]
Registered users can choose to have 2MIDI automatically write the MIDI and/or samples to disk immediately after conversion.

You can listen to a MOD file while using 2MIDI.

Sample playing [SAMPLE OPTIONS]
You can play the samples, which saves having to load a tracker to hear what each samples is.

IntelliMouse scrolling
You can use the mouse wheel of the MS IntelliMouse (and compatibles) to scroll the selector controls up and down.

Sample key calculation [SAMPLE OPTIONS]
2MIDI automatically calculates the key of all the samples, which can be useful for tuning purposes, if you are not intending to use the original samples with the MIDI conversion.

New stuff since 1.0

Sample based channel assignment [SAMPLE OPTIONS]
You can choose which MIDI channels each of the samples (or instruments for the instrument based export formats) can use in the conversion.

Registered users can export instruments/samples in DLS files.

Duplicate drum note warning [CONVERT OPTIONS]
You will be informed if the duplicate drum note problem occurs, so that you can easily detect and fix it. See the drum channel section for details.

Auto patch selection [SAMPLE OPTIONS]
If you press the spacebar when entering a patch number, then 2MIDI will automatically select the lowest available patch number.

Padded sample filenames [FILE OPTIONS]
Sample filenames are 0 padded so that they can be sorted more easily. For example, 10.wav will not be sorted in front of 2.wav anymore, because they will now be 010.wav and 002.wav respectively.